Commercial and Residential Services Available

Residential and Commercial Pricing: Starting at $65/hour with two hour visit minimum.*

  • We’ll make sure you prune at the right time so you won’ sacrifice flowers or fruit.
  • We have specific knowledge and techniques involved in maintaining a healthy hedge.
  • Any tree or shrub over 6 feet tall does require an onsite assessment.

*plus full bag removal. No option required for no bag removal.

Mature trees and shrubs require regular pruning for practical and aesthetic reasons. That can include pruning to ensure any overhang won’t come into contact with pedestrians or vehicles, and making sure limbs and branches are kept a certain length away from houses, out-buildings or other structures.

When it comes to maintaining a beautiful and healthy landscape, professional tree pruning plays a crucial role. Not only does it enhance the overall aesthetics of your outdoor space, but it also promotes the long-term health and vitality of your tree…

Vegetation Control and Weed Control by LandSharx

Expertise and Experience

Hedge Pruning and Tree Pruning by LandSharx Lawn Care

Experienced arborists possess in-depth knowledge of tree biology and care. They can identify diseases, pests, and structural issues that may go unnoticed by the untrained eye. Their experience allows them to make informed decisions about pruning techniques, ensuring optimal tree health and longevity.

Safety First

Hedge Pruning and Tree Pruning by LandSharx Lawn Care

Tree work can be hazardous, especially when dealing with powerful equipment and heights. Experienced arborists are trained to navigate these risks safely. They understand how to work around power lines, underground utilities, and other potential hazards.

Hiring an arborist minimizes the risk of accidents and property damage.

Proper Techniques

Hedge Pruning and Tree Pruning by LandSharx Lawn Care

 Improper pruning can harm trees, affecting their growth and structure.
Experienced arborists know where and how much to prune without compromising the tree’s health. They follow industry best practices, ensuring that each cut promotes healthy growth and maintains the tree’s natural form.

Time and Cost Saving

Hedge Pruning and Tree Pruning by LandSharx Lawn Care

 While DIY pruning may seem cost-effective, it often leads to mistakes and additional expenses. Arborists work efficiently, saving you time and effort. Plus, their expertise prevents costly errors that could harm your trees in the long run.

Investment Protection

Hedge Pruning and Tree Pruning by LandSharx Lawn Care

Your trees add value to your property. Proper pruning enhances their appearance, health, and overall appeal. Experienced arborists ensure that your investment remains protected by maintaining healthy, beautiful trees.

Tailored Solutions

Hedge Pruning and Tree Pruning by LandSharx Lawn Care

Arborists customize pruning techniques based on each tree’s unique needs. Whether it’s thinning the canopy, removing deadwood, or shaping the tree, they tailor their approach to achieve the best results.

Long Term Benefits

Hedge Pruning and Tree Pruning by LandSharx Lawn Care

Regular professional pruning extends the life of your trees. It encourages new growth, prevents disease, and maintains structural integrity. Arborists provide ongoing care, ensuring your trees thrive for years to come.

Over 20 years of experience in landscaping and snow management.


We value every single job, big or small and ensure every job is done right.
We’re focused on safety and security, which is why we are fully covered and insured through WCB, ensuring peace of mind for both our team and clients as we deliver top-notch service.


We pride ourselves on our excellent customer care and going the extra mile to make you feel heard and appreciated.


We’re committed to protecting our environment and pledge to replace the majority of our gas powered equipment with battery powered electric equipment when and where available.

LandSharx never sleeps, with landscaping and lawn care packages for your needs year-round.  

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