Commercial Services Available

  • LandSharx bring a wave of clean to any area from main floor office windows to multi-story commercial properties.
  • Have your windows cleaned professionally so your commercial office space shine in its full glory.
  • We also offer both hot water and cold water pressure washing services to ensure your property is always maintained, safe and great looking.

LandSharx offers comprehensive power washing services to keep your property spotless year-round. Our team of professionals utilizes industry-leading equipment and techniques to deliver exceptional results. Trust LandSharx for all your power washing needs, and experience the difference in cleanliness and curb appeal. LandSharx.ca and LandSharx.com are trademark-protected entities of LandSharx. We reserve all trademarks and rights to the name, the logo, and other intellectual property associated with this website.

Power Washing and Window Cleaning by LandSharx. Services to Edmonton and Clagary
Rubber squeegee cleans a soaped window

Enhancing Curb Appeal

Pressure Washing by LandSharx Property Maintenance

First impressions matter. A clean and well-maintained exterior can significantly enhance the curb appeal of your property. Power washing your property to kkeep it clean, creates a positive impression on clients, customers, and employees even before they step inside

Preventing Damage

Pressure Washing by LandSharx Property Maintenance

Over time, dirt, grime, and pollutants can accumulate on the building’s exterior and windows. If not cleaned regularly, these can cause permanent stains and damage. Power washing can effectively remove these substances and prevent costly repairs in the future.

Promoting Health

Pressure Washing by LandSharx Property Maintenance

A clean environment is a healthy environment. Regular power washing and cleaning can help prevent the buildup of allergens like mold, pollen, and dust. This is particularly important for commercial properties where the health and well-being of numerous individuals are at stake.

Enhanced Views

Pressure Washing by LandSharx Property Maintenance

Whether your office overlooks a bustling cityscape or a serene garden, clean windows provide unobstructed views. Employees can enjoy the scenery during breaks, fostering a sense of connection with the outside world.

Increasing Property Value

Pressure Washing by LandSharx Property Maintenance

Regular maintenance, including power washing and window cleaning, can increase the value of your property. It shows that the property is well cared for, which can be a significant advantage if you ever decide to sell or rent out the space.

Improving Window Efficiency

Pressure Washing by LandSharx Property Maintenance

Clean windows allow more natural light into the building, creating a more pleasant and productive environment. Moreover, certain contaminants can damage the windows over time, affecting their insulation properties. Regular cleaning can help maintain window efficiency.

Preventing Glass Degradation

Pressure Washing by LandSharx Property Maintenance

 Over time, dirt and grime can cause windows to become dull and can even lead to scratches. Regular cleaning can prevent this degradation and extend the life of your windows.

Health and Hygiene

Dust, pollen, and pollutants accumulate on windows over time. Regular power washing and cleaning removes these particles, promoting better indoor air quality. Clean windows also prevent mould growth, which can be harmful to health

Professional window cleaning enhances the appearance and hygiene of your office, creating a more inviting and healthy workspace. Professional window cleaning not only improves the aesthetic appeal of your office but also promotes a hygienic environment, ensuring a more welcoming and healthy workspace for you and your employees.

Regularly cleaning your office windows can eliminate built-up dust, dirt, and allergens, minimizing the risk of respiratory issues and allergies among your staff. By letting natural light flow through sparkling windows, you can also enhance the overall mood and productivity of your workplace. With professional window cleaning services, you can maintain a pristine and professional image for your business, leaving a positive impression on clients and visitors.

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At LandSharx, we take responsibility for our actions. We believe in transparent communication with our clients, ensuring that promises are kept and expectations are met. Our accountability extends to every aspect of our services, from lawn care to snow removal.


Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We prioritize their needs, preferences, and satisfaction. Whether it’s promptly addressing concerns or going the extra mile to exceed expectations, LandSharx is committed to providing exceptional customer care.


As part of our sustainability efforts, we’re gradually transitioning from gas-powered equipment to batery and electric-powered alternatives. By reducing emissions and noise pollution, we contribute to a greener future for our community.

LandSharx never sleeps, with landscaping and lawn care packages for your needs year-round.  

www.LandSharx.ca and www.LandSharx.com are trademark protected entities of LandSharx. We reserve all trademarks and rights to the name, the logo and other intellectual property associated with this website.

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