Commercial and Residential Services Available

Residential Pricing: Starting at $42/week. Commercial Pricing: starting at 167/month

  • We’re experts at keeping your lawn fresh, healthy, and happy.
  • We always use new and maintained equipment and take the utmost care not to damage your lawn with dull blades or improper mowing (scalping the lawn).
  • We’ll develop and maintain the proper fertilizer and weed control schedule.
  • We’ll spot potential issues such as pests, disease or moisture issues (too much or too little) to make sure your lawn is always its best.

A well-maintained lawn is a sight to behold. It not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home but also provides a space for relaxation and play.

One of the most important aspects of lawn care is regular mowing. Here are some reasons why scheduled lawn mowing is beneficial for a healthy and great-looking lawn.

Lawn Mowing and Lawn Care by LandSharx

Consistent Growth

Lawn Mowing and Lawn Care by LandSharx

Regular lawn mowing ensures that your grass grows consistently. Each type of grass has an optimal height that helps it grow best. By maintaining this height, you promote even growth and prevent patches.


Lawn Mowing and Lawn Care by LandSharx

Mulching is a natural way to fertilize your lawn. When you mow regularly, the grass clippings are cut into small pieces that can decompose quickly. These clippings return essential nutrients back to the soil, promoting healthier growth.

Weed Control

Lawn Mowing and Lawn Care by LandSharx

Regular mowing helps control weeds by preventing them from seeding and spreading across your lawn. This is especially effective when combined with other weed control methods.

Pest Control

Lawn Mowing and Lawn Care by LandSharx

Pests prefer long grass as it provides them with the shelter they need. Regular mowing keeps the grass short and makes your lawn less attractive to pests.


Lawn Mowing and Lawn Care by LandSharx

A regularly mowed lawn looks neat and well cared for, enhancing the curb appeal of your home. It shows that you take pride in your home and contributes to a well-maintained neighborhood.

Healthier Grass

Lawn Mowing and Lawn Care by LandSharx

Mowing regularly helps improve the overall health of your grass. Each time you mow, the healthiest grass shoots will do the best. Over time, these will make up the majority of your lawn leading to a healthier and more robust lawn.

Over 20 years of experience in landscaping and snow management.


We value every single job, big or small and ensure every job is done right.
We’re focused on safety and security, which is why we are fully covered and insured through WCB, ensuring peace of mind for both our team and clients as we deliver top-notch service.


We pride ourselves on our excellent customer care and going the extra mile to make you feel heard and appreciated.


We’re committed to protecting our environment and pledge to replace the majority of our gas powered equipment with battery powered electric equipment when and where available.

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