Commercial and Residential Services Available

Starting at $65.00 per hour (2 hours – minimum)*

From high quality commercial maintenance to fast & affordable residential services, we are top of the food chain for thousands of Albertans, serving between Edmonton to Calgary and the surrounding areas. We take care of the tough lawn maintenance work, so you get to focus on what’s important to you.

  • We rake old leaves and dead vegetation in spring and fall and prune and trim hedges
  • We’ll remove dead flower and plant new perennials in Spring
  • We can also develop and maintain the proper fertilizer and weed control schedule
  • We’ll advise you on any potential issues such as pests, disease or moisture issues (too much or too little)

As the spring sun warms the earth, it’s time to talk about something that brings color, life, and joy to our lives—flower garden beds.

These vibrant patches of nature are not just a feast for the eyes; they’re a crucial part of our ecosystem. But to keep them blooming beautifully, proper care is essential.

Commercial Bed Maintenance and Commercial Landscaping by LandSharx Lawn Care

Health of Plants

Bed Maintenance, Landscaping and Lawn Care by LandSharkx

Just like us, plants need proper nutrition and care to thrive. Regular weeding, soil enrichment, garden bed maintenance and pest control ensure that your flowers can grow strong and healthy.

Aesthetic Appeal:

Bed Maintenance, Landscaping and Lawn Care by LandSharkx

A well-maintained flower bed and scheduled bed maintenance can transform an ordinary space into a picturesque landscape. It’s the difference between a wild patch of land and a serene garden retreat.

Environmental Impact: 

Bed Maintenance, Landscaping and Lawn Care by LandSharkx

Flowers play a vital role in the environment by providing habitats for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. By taking care of your garden beds and proper bed maintenance , you’re supporting biodiversity.

Property Value:

Bed Maintenance, Landscaping and Lawn Care by LandSharkx

A beautiful garden can significantly increase the curb appeal and value of your property. Gardening and garden bed maintenance are important elements of a beautiful garden
It’s an investment that grows over time.

Mental Well-being

Bed Maintenance, Landscaping and Lawn Care by LandSharkx

Gardening and garden bed maintenance is a therapeutic activity. It reduces stress and promotes a sense of accomplishment.
A flourishing garden is a source of pride and joy.

Educational Opportunity:

Bed Maintenance, Landscaping and Lawn Care by LandSharkx

Gardens are living classrooms.
They offer a hands-on way to learn about botany, ecology, and the importance of caring for our environment.

Over 20 years of experience in landscaping and snow management.


At LandSharx, we take responsibility for our actions. We believe in transparent communication with our clients, ensuring that promises are kept and expectations are met. Our accountability extends to every aspect of our services, from lawn care to snow removal.


Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We prioritize their needs, preferences, and satisfaction. Whether it’s promptly addressing concerns or going the extra mile to exceed expectations, LandSharx is committed to providing exceptional customer care.


As part of our sustainability efforts, we’re gradually transitioning from gas-powered equipment to batery and electric-powered alternatives. By reducing emissions and noise pollution, we contribute to a greener future for our community.

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