Fall Services

The summer is over and your lawn and yard are starting to prepare for the upcoming winter hibernation. Your trees foliage is starting to brown and fall off, your perennials have bloomed and are starting to wither and there are other changes taking place in your yard too that are a tell tale sign that the season is changing and your yard’s eco system is adjusting itself in preparation for winter.

It may not be obvious but you may consider fertilizing your lawn late in the fall. Nutrients that you introduce to your lawn, beds and hedges will stay in the ground over the winter and be ready and accessible in the spring as your lawn is waking up again for the next season.

Cutting your lawn before snow will reduce the amount of dead vegetation that can be a growing bed for pests and disease to grow from during the winter hibernation. Removing dead foliage (dead perennials, fallen leaves and other debris) will achieve the same.

Finally do not forget about trimming your hedges and trees as well. As they enter the hibernation stage and loose all their leaves you may safely prune and trim your hedges and trees. Pruning and trimming your hedges and trees in fall will reduce the amount of pruning and trimming next spring as your trees and hedges wake up from hibernation.

LandSharx Yard Maintenance offers full range of fall cleaning services as one convenient package. Our Leopard Fall Cleaning Package offers everything your yard needs in order to prepare for the long winter hibernation.

Fall Lawn Services
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